Our recommendation refers to American businesses who target vegans as their consumers, for instance,  Vegan Grocery Store, Vegan cafe and restaurants, who produce vegan preserves or chocolates and Vegan designs.

This research can help them a lot with a promotion of vegan related items since it explains why people go vegan and what attracts them.

The results from the research can help these businesses with promotional goals, like attracting more vegans, or gain brand recognition. The results of the research show these businesses why people go vegan, and what the most important reasons are to the consumer concerning their healthy and animal friendly food, and why they should go to these specific businesses (the answer would be of course because they share their ideals).


Our recommendations towards (starting) companies/ businesses that would like to gain more support from their consumers/ brand recognition, would be the following:

  • Show the audience you care by approaching vegan food labels to approve of your products.
  • Make sure your values overlap with those of your target audience, whether they are political, environmental or ethical reasons (it is important for you to know this).
  • Conduct netnography and online research to get a more in-depth look into the minds of your target audience