We are students of International Communication and Media at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

We created this blog in order to research a specific trend: Veganism in America. We chose this topic since in the last two years veganism became a very popular trend.  People go vegan for different reasons and we decided to find out what motivates them to go vegan. Vegans  don’t consume any animal based product. A strict vegan does not eat meat, fish, animal derived food like milk, eggs and honey. Also, vegans don’t buy animal-based clothes (What Does Vegan Mean).

Nowadays, it’s common to share your experience through blogs, forums, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. These platforms give the best opportunity to find people from the same community and share experience about products.

To sum up, we focused our project on the research of Vegan trend in online communities such as forums, twitter, Instagram and blogs.

People who worked on the project:

Quincy Corneille 1618729

Anya Malyukova 1658572

Estibaliz Araujo   1693270

Itsaso Garin Erentxun 1693123


What Does Vegan Mean? (n.d.). Retrieved March 16, 2016, from http://www.vegan.com/what/